An insight from Head Chef at Thoresby Hall Hotel

Sitting down to a tasty breakfast or a delicious three-course evening meal is as much a part of the holiday experience as enjoying top-quality entertainment or sliding into a comfy bed at the end of the day. Our kitchen and front-of-house teams take great pride in making sure guests have fantastic menus to choose from and that there are always some new and exciting dishes to try.

At Thoresby Hall, a Grade I-listed country house in the heart of beautiful Nottinghamshire, Head Chef Jason Wardill and his team are in charge of hundreds of meals each day. They play a vital role in making sure guests enjoying Easter weekend breaks or summer holidays go home with a smile and some great memories. The hotel has two main dining options “The Pierrepont” theatre-style buffet restaurant and “The Blue Room”, which offers an à la carte menu of the finest British cuisine.

Food is best when it’s at its freshest, which means creating dishes using seasonal ingredients that are in plentiful supply. On winter days when the wind is biting outside, it’s the hearty options that go down a treat in the warm dining room of Thoresby Hall – a winter casserole of root vegetables with parmesan dumplings or perhaps leek and potato soup served with herb crème fraiche.

tho_blueroom_06_12_72dpiPlacing an emphasis on sourcing local British produce is something that chefs at all our properties look to do as a matter of course. All the meat we serve has been certified as part of the Red Tractor scheme, ensuring full British traceability.

“Food is best when it is in season and available at a reasonable price,” Jason said. “For example, you don’t want strawberries on in the middle of winter as they are expensive as they come from the Middle East. They should be on in the summer months so they will be English.

Each site is encouraged to use a local vegetable and meat supplier as a secondary supplier. The benefits are that you help keep local business – growers and producers – alive, which helps the community and also means food travels fewer miles to get to the plates of our guests.”

That’s not to say that the offerings on a typical menu are limited in any way – quite the opposite! Guests can expect to find dishes from around the globe, such as beef rogan josh, vegetable enchiladas and Mediterranean vegetable tart. In addition, The Pierrepont at Thorseby Hall has its own wok and Asian bar offering authentic Oriental and Asian-inspired dishes.

Jason says:“I think that food in general has evolved massively over the last 10 years and we are as a nation a lot more cosmopolitan in our approach to eating. People and guests are keen to try foods from all around the world…I feel, as with any holiday or hotel visit, the first question will be ‘what was the food like?’ Food and drink is a big part of what we do at Warner and our guests are always quick to tell us if we get it right or wrong. Their feedback is vital in shaping our future menus and ideas. We often invite guests to taste our brand new dishes before they are launched as we really value their feedback.”

Warner has over 450,000 guests a year and we really enjoy coming up with new and innovative menus for them to enjoy.  Jason and the catering team at Thoresby Hall Hotel can’t wait to welcome you into their dining room, so browse the Warner Leisure Hotels website to find some great deals on UK summer breaks and May bank holiday breaks and take a break with us to sample some of the delicious dishes on offer.

lob servedWe’d love to know if there are any stand-out meals that you’ve enjoyed during a visit. Feel free to share your thoughts using the comments section below.

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