Warner’s chefs cook up a storm at Welsh championships

If you’ve stayed with us before then you’ll already be aware of some of the mouth-watering creations that our kitchen teams come up with every day. Two of our brightest talents are Chris Cimelli and Jordan Paris who work at St David’s Restaurant, in the grounds of Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales. Both are fanatical about food and take delight in using the finest ingredients from local and national suppliers to create varied menus that cater to a huge range of tastes.

Last month, Chris and Jordan took the skills that they hone each day at Bodelwyddan and put themselves up against some of the best chefs in the world as part of the Welsh International Culinary Championships. The event took place at Coleg Llandrillo on February 12 to 14 and both managed to wow the competition judges and come away with a gong! bod_food_02_12_72dpi

Chris entered himself in the Welsh Beef category, which required competitors to come up with creative and imaginative ways to use Welsh Black Beef. He got 45 minutes to prepare, cook and present two main course portions of beef, along with substantial and appropriate accompaniments, garnishes and sauces. Chris chose to serve fillet of Welsh black beef and braised shin, along with savoy cabbage and wild mushrooms. Impressed by the creativity and quality of Chris’ dish, the judges awarded him Silver: Best in Class.

Jordan too managed to impress and walked away with Gold: Best in Class in the pasta dish category. And there was absolutely no hanging about as she had just 25 minutes to prepare, cook and serve two portions of a sweet or savoury fresh pasta dish. Her delicious creation consisted of smoked chicken and ham hock tortellini served with asparagus and wild mushrooms.

Check out the next blog post for Chris’ Welsh beef recipe, or consider booking one of Warner Leisure Hotels’ short summer breaks at Bodelwyddan Castle to sample the pair’s culinary delights first hand.

Fillet of Welsh black beef, braised shin, Savoy cabbage & wild mushrooms


1x fillet of Welsh beef (cut to make petit)

1x shin of beef (cooked)

Parma ham

Pig’s caul

Beef stock

Beef jus

1x beef kidneys (cooked)

Mirepoix of vegetables (for braising)

1x double cream

1x chanterelle mushrooms

Shallot (peeled)

Celeriac (peeled)

1x salsify (peeled lemon juice & water)

1x savoy cabbage (leaves)

4x potatoes (peeled in water)

Payne mix




Bay leaves


Salt & pepper



Braise the kidneys and shin (separately) in beef stock until cooked. Cut a small incision in the beef fillet and stuff with salsify. Wrap the beef in Parma ham and pig caul fat. Once the shins have finished cooking, flake down and add some jus, shape & Payne & deep fry until golden brown.

Prep the potatoes as for fondants and scoop out the top using a Parisienne scoop. Cook as for fondants.

Sauté the mushrooms and diced shallot, add some brandy and reduce, add the cream, tarragon, some jus, season and reduce to the correct consistency. Dice the kidneys and add to the creamed mushrooms and heat through. Place the mushroom and kidney mix into the top of the potato and glaze in the oven.

Slice the celeriac finely and place in a pan with the milk and some butter. Cook until soft and blitz in a food blender. Season and pass into a bottle (be careful when serving to squeeze all air out first).

Seal the beef in some oil, butter, garlic and thyme until golden brown. Cook in a hot oven for between 12 and 18 minutes (Probe to 45oc) and leave to rest.

Slice the cabbage and sauté in some oil, add a small amount of white wine and reduce.

To serve:

Heat up the plates, place some puree on the left side of the plate and drag across. Place the potato to the left. Place two mound of cabbage, one for the fillet and the other for the bon bon. Place the bon bon and sliced fillet on top of the cabbage. Place the sauce each side of the puree and serve.

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