Calling all budding farmers – come and meet our spring lambs!

The weather has finally started to pick up and the recent sunshine has certainly put a spring in the step of our spring lambs. There’s been wandering aplenty taking place in the grounds surrounding Cricket St. Thomas Hotel in Somerset thanks to the arrival of some wonderfully cute new additions to the Warner team.

Baby Lambs

Warner is always trying to find new and exciting things for our guests to enjoy during the daytime. We have over 20 different activities going on over any break. Warner is all about trying new things with friends or perhaps with a certain someone special. Click here to see a video on some activity ideas for your next trip to Warner.

The great news is that if you’re planning to pay a visit to Cricket St. Thomas on one of Warner’s hotel breaks in the near future, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with our baby lambs with one of the lambing experience tours which are being run over the next few weeks. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try something a little bit different on your next stay with us.


Pull on a pair of wellies or perhaps borrow some from our famous “Wellington Boot Room “and head out into the fields. You’ll find out how a real sheep farm works, and what our farmers get up to every day. You’ll discover all about the preparations that need to be made in the run up to the lambing season and what happens when the ewes go into labour.

A lamb’s love of milk is innate and their thoughts turn to their first feed within minutes of being born. You’ll get the chance to bottle feed a baby lamb but be warned, while they might look small, they’re always ready for a game and they’ll do their level best to get the milk off you! Just make sure you hold on tight!

Cricketing Spring grounds

The lambing experiences take place twice a week and all you’ll need to do to get involved is have a word with the reception team once you’ve arrived at the hotel. It’s a great way to get close to nature and find out more about how the livestock team at Cricket St. Thomas help to care for the land and the animals that graze there.

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