A big thank you from the Tour de Warner cyclists!

When it comes to raising money for charity, we’re not ones to stand still. Cycling on the spot though… we’re all for it! We announced last September that The Royal British Legion would be our charity for 2013 and in just six months we managed to raise more than £60,000.

To help push that figure even higher, the leisure team at Gunton Hall Coastal Village in Suffolk decided to climb onto an exercise bike as part of the latest bid to raise cash for the Legion – the 2013 Tour de Warner.

While it might not have the same level of prestige that’s attached to the Tour de France, our bike-a-thon proved to be no less of a challenge for our intrepid fundraisers. The aim was to complete a 1,047.9-mile cycle ride over the course of a week, with the length representing the distance between all of Warner’s seven country hotels, two coastal hotels and two coastal villages in the UK.

TRBL logoBianca O’Donnell, a representative from The Royal British Legion, came along to Gunton to join in and on May 6 an exercise bike from the gym was installed in the main complex. For seven days the team took it in turn to hop on the bike and pedal their way to victory, spending up to seven and a half hours on the saddle each day. But despite the odd stitch and fatigue setting in at some points along the way, the final section was completed on Sunday. We’re yet to add up how much money was raised, but all those involved want to thank guests enjoying a Warner Leisure Hotel break at Gunton for their donations during their week and their amazing support.

You can still sponsor the team by going onto the Virgin Money Giving website. It only takes a couple of minutes but you can be sure that whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated by the Legion, as well as all the team members at Gunton who are now nursing some very sore legs! We’re expecting massage sessions at the salon spa to be in great demand over the next few weeks!

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