Our star receptionist at Alvaston Hall Hotel!

A poem written by a first-time guest at Alvaston Hall Hotel which is situated on the edge of leafy Cheshire.

Warner’s properties have a rich history when it comes to poetry and literature. The library at Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire was once considered to be one of the finest in England. It was a favourite haunt of the author and poet Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who grew up at the property from 1699 and became known for her letter writing, in particular her letters from Turkey where she lived as the wife of the British ambassador.

Another of our properties, Littlecote House in Berkshire, was described in the notes of Sir Walter Scott’s poem Rokeby, from 1813, where he retells a story involving an apparition that is supposed to haunt the Grade I-listed Tudor property.

Now Alvaston Hall Hotel near Crewe has also been featured in a poem. David West, who recently enjoyed his first visit to Alvaston as a guest, felt moved enough during his stay to put pen to paper. Below is David’s poem, Marlaina


Our superstar receptionist at Alvaston Marlina


Marlaina is a receptionist for “Warners” at Alvaston Hall, She’s smart and trim; is bright not dim and is neither short nor tall!

With a job that’s always demanding, and a nearby building crane.

By the time her shift is over; all she can say is “phew!”

But together with her colleagues, she soldiers on each day.

And aims to solve guests’ problems, and smooth them all away.

So let us all be patient, and understand the plight,. Imagine future splendour, as we pass that building site.

Accept change will mean disruption, and what will be, will be. And praise improvements always as “Warner’s” vision see.

David West,  MAY 2013

A first time visitor to Alvaston Hall Hotel and a fan of Warner’s Holidays

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