Guest Poem for Holme Lacy House Hotel, Herefordshire

Blue Room


There is so much to savour, you know what I mean,

With Ross-on-Wye and the Forest of Dean.

Close by is Herefordshire Cathedral, and the book shops in Hay.

Where can we settle, where must we stay?

Why not choose this unique Manor, with acres of style.

Holme Lacy fits the bill so why not pause for a while?

With stunning gardens and terraces, and a lake full of fish,

It will meet all your needs, and grant every wish.

There’s a health club, a pool and restaurants so fine,

Elegant rooms to “chill out” in, or admire as you dine.

As for activities they’re so numerous, some are kept on file,

They will suit most tastes, bound to tempt and beguile.

Try the rifle or bow; put your skills to the rest

Or relax with a book and enjoy peace and rest.

Discover croquet, tennis and even classes on dancing,

Each one plays a part, your pleasure enhancing

With so much to do and a wide range of choice,

Why not join the “Pop Choir” and help find your voice?

And when the day is over, there’s a large comfy bed,

Where rest comes easily and sweet dreams lie ahead.

Perhaps, with thoughts of this place, such a gracious Georgian Manor,

Words to describe it, enough to fill a wide banner.

For this place is a haven where your dreams will come true,

And Warner’s have designed it, to be perfect, for you

 D.West, Guest at Holme Lacy House Hotel, June 2013


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