Know your grapes – finding the perfect drop to go with your meal

There’s nothing better than reading through a menu and being spoilt for choice. If you’re dining at Fenocchi’s Italian restaurant at Cricket St. Thomas Hotel in Somerset then you might be torn between a focaccia crumbed squid starter and the pecorino, celery and pear salad. Decisions, decisions! But what about a wine to go with the meal? Do you choose a perfectly chilled Veramonte Chardonnay Reserva from Chile or perhaps a Prosecco from Italy? Is a light and lively Solstice Shiraz from Sicily best?

If you enjoy the wine you’ve picked then that’s what really counts, but it’s certainly fair to say that the right wine can really help compliment a dish. A red Bordeaux will go wonderfully with roast lamb for instance, while a Sauvignon Blanc can be a great accompaniment for an asparagus-based dish. A fruity chardonnay can often work very well with a fish pie.


Whether you stay at one of our coastal hotels or our country properties, you can be sure of finding a great selection of wines on offer. But how to find the best food and wine pairing – well, one way is to just ask us! Our friendly and knowledgeable dining room teams will be more than happy to offer suggestions when it comes to the best choice to go with your meals.

And remember, if you find that you can’t finish a whole bottle over dinner simply let us know and we’ll either put it on one side for you or get it sent up to your room.

Cricket St. Thomas

If you’re keen to learn more about wine, including how to taste like a professional and discovering the best wines to match with different types of food, consider joining one of our “Get to Grips With Grapes” sessions. For just a little extra, it’s a fantastic way to spend a few hours during a Warner Leisure Hotels short break and a really fun and relaxed way to discover more about the world of wine.

Above all though, relax and raise a glass – you’ve earned it!

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