Holly becomes a pasta master – almost!

Last week, Holly from our marketing team spent a weekend in North Wales, swapping her PC terminal for a pasta machine during a Warner Masterclass session at Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel. But will you find her heading up the cheffing team on your next visit…

Walking around the grounds of Bodelwyddan Castle I pondered as to what my next activity would be. Bowls?  After a short stroll I found myself at the reception desk where I was advised there was space left on one of the masterclass cookery courses I’d heard about. Intrigued, I set off in the direction of the kitchens.

Peter Osbourne MasterclassStepping into the historic building where the class was taking place I was greeted by Bodelwyddan’s head chef Peter Obsourne. Armed with a smile and a mixing bowl, he welcomed me in to the class and the culinary magic began.

Now I’m no novice in the kitchen and I love Italian food, but my pasta tends to come from a packet rather than a mixing bowl! However, Peter expertly took us all though the basics of pasta making, which included a demonstration of how to use the pasta machine – easier said than done, as I soon found out!

Team at Hemel

Before I knew it, it was my turn to have a go. Keeping in mind Peter’s instructions I soon found myself kneading the dough like my life depended on it and everything was going swimmingly until I realised I’d forgotten the oil!

As I added the liquid my gloves slowly started to come off – things were getting messy.

Peter Osbourne

But persistence paid off (and a little extra help from the head chef didn’t go amiss!) and my dough was soon looking smooth and silky once more. It actually came together rather nicely in the end and I was soon feeding it through the pasta machine like a pro – well, almost!

Although the Masterclass was only one of a number of great activities I tried at Bodelwyddan, it was certainly my favourite. Peter was so friendly and patient I felt pretty relaxed even when my pasta took a turn for the worse! I particularly enjoyed the more personal touch that I experienced on the course, including the handy secret tips for making tri-color pasta. In fact I’m just about to invest in a pasta machine so I can have a go at home!

If you’re visiting Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel for a short break and are keen to pick up some new tips from our top chefs, just ask at reception about available Masterclass experiences.

Check out the July video by clicking here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hycYbQ4TTxQ 

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