Bird of Prey.. pray they behave!

I’m Sam and I work in the Warner Marketing Team. I’ve made it my aim to visit all Warner’s Hotel and Villages by the end of the year. Last weekend I went to Thoresby Hall Hotel, our beautiful Grade I listed house. I really enjoyed wandering around The Courtyard which has wonderful shops, a military museum and a glass-blower. I didn’t realise how close The Courtyard was to Thoresby, it’s a short enjoyable walk which is great for guests to explore.

Sam Andrews

Thoresby is famous for being in the middle of Robin Hood Country and I did indeed try archery which was great fun. My favourite of all the activities though has to be Falconry! The Falconry experience was just £10 per person and it’s on every Thursday and Sunday meaning guests can try the experience on any break they choose. It’s nice as it is one of the many activities which is outside in the Thoresby grounds (30 acres of it!).

I was a bit nervous when I first met the expert Jacob with a Falcon on his arm but the birds were absolutely beautiful. I was able to hold birds of all different sizes, learn about their feathers and hear amazing information. Jacob obviously adores the bird and is so knowledgeable. I felt confident as I was instructed how to hold and pet the different birds, things to do and not to do. The whole experience was very interactive with lots of chances to ask questions. You also see the birds fly from your arm and return which was a great experience. I have only ever seen Birds of Prey at displays where you are not allowed to touch them and can only watch from a distance so this was something truly unique to Thoresby.

Evening Stroll

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