Norton Grange- Our day out Fishing

“So it’s Friday morning, I hear the radio go “Charlie to Tom, can you pop down to reception please”.

I arrive down reception to meet Charlie a couple minutes later and I’m introduced to guest named Steve. He seemed very enthusiastic about catching a fish and was eager to go fishing. After telling them about this shark I caught once we decided that Tuesday afternoon was the most suitable time for us all.

Tuesday comes and I bring all my gear in ready, I spoke to Alex my fellow colleague over the weekend and he said he was going to come and join us. And on a plus side he had his car here which could fit all the stuff in too. So Alex, myself, Steve and Charlie all set off on our hunt. We decided to stay quite close and using my angling knowledge I knew we would catch something on the local pier, Yarmouth.

So we arrive at the pier, and Charlie pulls out a crabbing, and Steve shows off what can only be described as toy of a rod. We thought it was such a nice day that we would get an ice-cream too and the shop did all kinds of ice-cream, from bubblegum flavour to carrot flavour! Steve went for cinnamon as I told him it was an aphrodisiac, and he fancied his chances when he got back later. I was on a strict healthy diet at the time so I just stuck to the hotdog. We hadn’t been there for 2 minutes and Charlie was already having a fight, as some kid thought he was stealing his crabbing spot. I being the strongest had to separate the pair and we carried on to the end of the pier.

nor_seaview_07_12_72dpi nor_telescope_02_09_72dpi nor_mainbuilding_01_09_72dpi

I was little bit concerned about the look on Alex’s face, I couldn’t work out if he was that, focused, or in pain. He was testing the temperature of the sea and working out the wind speed so I guess he was indeed that focused.

Now that our rods were all set up we could begin what we all came here for. Alex was using feathers as bait and going for mackerel, I was using mackerel for bait and going for anything big, Charlie had his no hope crabbing line out, and as for Steve he was using his bamboo stick and string facing the wrong way trying to get anything. Within a couple of minutes it was Alex who struck first he managed to catch two mackerel on the same cast and reeled them in and bagged them. Charlie then had a go on Alex’s rod, a quick 5 minutes past and boom, the same thing happened again, another two came in. This baffled old Scooby Stevie and he wondering what he was doing wrong, so me and him decided we would do the same as Alex and use feathers and go for mackerel too. I set the rods up again, and demonstrate to Steve and all onlookers how to correctly cast and reel etc. The applause was appreciated too. So Steve steps up all ready to go, leans back and chucks the line out, literally, because the line snaps hahaha. Comical to watch but very frustrating bless him, but he kept smiling and I set another line up for him. Whilst this happening Alex is catching a couple more too, he’s on 6 now. Suddenly I get a bite, and manage to reel in, and have 4 on the same line. 6-4 at the minute, Steve still not quite getting the hanging of the casting bit and isn’t getting out as far as he needs to, but he’s still enjoying it. (cookoo if you ask me). Another 45mins passes and the scores on doors are 13-10 to Alex and Steve still on a doughnut 0, I even used his rod for a little bit and proved it wasn’t his rod that was the problem. But he was still smiling. We all decide to have one last cast each and call it a day, we’ve given away fish to passes by. And a few more guests are spectating after seeing some top angling. Alex reels in nothing, Tom reels in nothing. Steve however did go out as far and slowly reels in his line starts yelling and shaking, he’s actually eventually got his first fish, brings it in starts clapping and shouting. Everyone was over the moon for him, and it made his holiday, I had the pleasure of taking the fish home in the end and cooking it myself. And Steve still talks about it this day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will reminisce for many years to come. Pleasure being involved

Moral of the story is, never give up and keep smiling”

By Thomas Edward Killeen

Of Norton Grange Leisure Department

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