Lawn darts… what’s that again?

You’ll know already that here at Warner Leisure Hotels, we like to provide you with plenty of activities to enjoy during your break. A quick look down the list of sports on offer should mean you find at least something you fancy, but chances are there’ll be a few on there that don’t look so familiar.

So, before you start arguing among yourselves about the finer points of disc golf, we thought we’d elaborate on some of the sports you might not have heard of.

Lawn darts

Lawn darts is played either one-on-one or with two teams. The aim of the game is to get the ‘darts’ (which look like standard darts, but bigger) into the target, which is a large plastic ring. The darts should be thrown underhand and have a weighted tip that sticks into the ground.


Nordic walking

If you’ve been to a Warner hotel before, you’ve probably seen groups of guests striding off into the distance with ski poles in each hand. Well, they’re not actually ski poles, but the walking poles used for Nordic Walking. Started by cross-country skiers in Finland in the 1930s, the technique of applying pressure to the poles with each step means you’re giving your body a real workout.

Disc golf

This involves throwing discs (similar to Frisbees) at targets. These can either be baskets the disc must land in, or objects the disc must hit. The idea is to hit the targets with as few throws of the disc as possible.



It’s thought that shuffleboard dates back around 500 years and probably originated in Europe. The game is played on a narrow court with a scoring area marked out at one end. The aim of the game is to use the paddles – or brooms – to push a puck down the court and have it land in the scoring area.

Have you tried any of these sports? If not, which take your fancy?

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