The benefits of a Spa treatment

It’s no secret that stress levels among Britons are gradually increasing, as more people worry about finances or employment issues and find it difficult to switch off from worries or anxieties. In a recent study by charity Mental Health Foundation, over half of respondents admitted that their life had become increasingly stressful in the past five years.

More and more of us are not managing our stress levels very well and that’s why holiday breaks are so important – to rest your mind and body and give you time out from the small anxieties of everyday life.

Spa and beauty experts Simon Jersey, who provide uniforms for the industry, explain the benefits of various treatments such as massages, facials and holistic complementary therapies.


Body massages are particularly effective at removing tension from muscles, soothing sore joints and helping you to feel relaxed. As well as relieving stress, a pamper session like this will help you to feel great about yourself – and studies show that simply being touched in a gentle way by another person has positive effects on the body and mind.

Tell your beauty therapist if you have any problem areas or tense knots, plus the type of pressure you like, and they’ll be sure to focus on those spots. A massage can do the world of good and really is an investment in your health and wellbeing.

Skin treatments

Skin therapy treatments focus on smoothing and energising the skin as well as relieving dry, oily skin or acne problems, and can help to combat ageing signals. There are a number of varying treatments with different benefits.

Salt brushing is one type, and is an aromatic and revitalising exfoliation treatment which removes dead skin cells, repairs skin and nourishes for a refreshed and hydrated body. Using plant extracts, Dead Sea minerals and coconut oil, you’ll feel invigorated and truly recharged after this therapy.

Mud masks and body wraps have been shown to be very soothing and are used for their therapeutic benefits. Mud rich in minerals can soften the skin, sooth tired muscles and improve the body’s circulation.

spa treatment at Thoresby


As well as removing dead skin cells and impurities, facials can rehydrate skin, enhance blood circulation and fight against the early signs of ageing. A facial will cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin to instantly improve your complexion and uncover your skin’s natural glow.

Holistic treatments

Originating thousands of years ago, holistic therapies care for the mind, body and spirit. Typical treatments include Reiki, a form of hands-on energy healing; and Reflexology whereby pressure is applied to the reflex points on the feet to enable the body to heal itself.

We’ve worked with our partners at ESPA and SPA FIND to put together a selection of great value and relaxing treatment experiences for you.

ESPA – These award winning treatments combine advanced massage techniques with the use of exclusive products, that use natural ingredients of the highest quality. All ESPA treatments are personalised to your needs on the day.

SPA FIND – They are the leading mineral spa brand, which offer authentic mineral spa through mud, salt and seaweed treatments and products.

To help you choose what treatments to try, have a look at our top five treatments enjoyed by our guests at Warner:

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage for £35
Jessica Prescriptive Manicure for £30
Spa Find Express Elegance Facial for £30
ESPA Just for You Facial for £59
Swedish Full Body Massage for £62

You can book these pampering treatments and more at the Thoresby Hall Hotel and Spa in Nottinghamshire – the perfect retreat to indulge yourself and rest your body and mind.

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