Fitness can be fun… honest!

Relaxation is what holidays are all about. But does that mean there’s no room for trying something new? At Warner we don’t think so! When you do arrive at our Hotels you might be surprised at how many activities there are available… and unleash an inner sportsmen you never knew you had!

Exercise is a big part of staying fit and it’s amazing how many health benefits there are from dancing, swimming or even bowls. Not only does exercise help to keep your body flexible, but it strengthens muscles, keeps your bones in good nick and helps reduce the risk of problems like heart disease and diabetes. It also means the buttons on your favourite shirt are more likely to do up!

But you don’t really need us to tell you this… it’s something we’re all aware of. So how can you work up a sweat on your Warner break? Well, for a start, many of our Hotels have their own fitness studios so you can exercise for as long or as little as you like and go at your own pace.


At Warner we have egg and spoon races to ensure that keeping fit can be fun too!

If swimming’s your thing, swap those lengths for an aquafit session to try something different. Although the water is gentle on your joints, the resistance it provides means your muscles are working harder to complete each move.

Fencing is something you might not have tried before, but it’s an activity that gets you moving and helps to improve balance, coordination and concentration. Plus, it acts as a bit of a stress reliever and it’s lots of fun!

Fencing at Bod

Table tennis is another sport that helps to keep you agile and mentally sharp. While it’s not quite as strenuous as tennis, it’s still an active sport and it’ll keep you on your toes while you try and anticipate your opponent’s next move. It always helps when you can keep the ball on the table too!

So, next time you’re on a Warner break, why not bring your trainers, swimming costume or dancing shoes and challenge yourself to something new?

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