The many faces of Alvaston Hall…

Many of our hotels have a rich and varied history, with everything from ghost stories to royal visits littering the past of these beautiful buildings. And Alvaston Hall, nestled near the Cheshire town of Nantwich, is no different as it’s been through its fair share of alterations over the past few hundred years.

Just looking at Alvaston gives you an insight into the changes it’s undergone, as it boasts an eclectic mix of features and architectural styles that come together to create the enchanting building we know today. Just yesterday the new Grove Cabaret Diner has been completed. We have doubled the size of our original restaurant to create more seats and better views of our fabulous live entertainment. Along with a bigger and better carvery and restaurant service, complete with atmospheric lighting, a sparkling new bar and a comfy lounge area.

Alvaston new

Alvaston 6

The way Alvaston currently looks from the outside is mainly down to the work of Arthur Knowles, a wealthy industrialist from Manchester who bought the property in 1896 from Francis Massey – who had already completed a lot of rebuilding work.

Naturally these two owners had very different ideas of what they wanted Alvaston to look like and it’s because of this that you can be gazing at beautiful Elizabethanesque panelling one minute, before finding yourself in front of a Georgian-style fireplace the next, strung with holly, bows and wreaths when Christmas arrives.


Mr. Knowles was also keen to ensure the grounds surrounding Alvaston were just as stunning as its interior, adding a cricket pitch and tennis courts to really impress the socialites who flocked to what was becoming an increasingly popular haunt for the area’s wealthy folk at the time.

Nowadays, change is still afoot at Alvaston as we’re busy making some exciting upgrades to the hotel that will make your break there even more enjoyable. Get ready for more bedrooms, new, beautifully landscaped gardens and improved parking facilities, all of which we’ll be unveiling at the beginning of 2014. I was lucky enough to get a few shots before any guests have even sat down! What do you think? Here is a shot of the new dance floor/stage area. The seats had yet to be delivered but hopefully you can see the excellent views.

But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to spot Alvaston’s gargoyles peering down at you from the rafters above the porch when you arrive. As well as plenty of other surprises including a talking face as you enter for dinner.

alv 4

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