Guest Blogger: 5 reasons why you should choose to holiday in the UK

I’m really excited to share that we’ve had many requests for guest blog posts. Although not written by me (Hannah, from the Warner Marketing Team) they will all be linked to Warner.

If you’d like to get in touch to write a post why not e-mail me?

Sean Revell spent a year travelling around Asia but has since learned that he prefers a simple and relaxing beach holiday. His favourite Warner Hotel is the Cricket St Thomas Hotel in Somerset because of the beautiful local scenery, extremely comfortable Royale bedrooms and he’s partial to the local cider and cheese festival… In his spare time Sean is a wannabe artist and spends his working hours writing about hotels for Leisure Jobs.

He’s written the following blog, which is his own opinion (and does not necessarily reflect the view of Warner). I hope you find it interesting.

Sean Revell:

It’s no secret that when most of us daydream about our holiday, we’re usually dreaming about some far-flung destination with white sandy beaches and soaring temperatures. However the past few years have revealed that us Brits are becoming more and more inclined to stay in the UK during our annual leave, choosing to visit places much closer to home.

So why have UK destinations had a sudden rise in popularity?

Why are we now much happier to stay in the UK, rather than jet-setting away?

Well, I’ve tried to outline a few of the reasons below for those of you who are struggling to see the benefits. So sit back, have a read – and then start planning you summer holiday for next year… hopefully in the UK this time!

1.     It’s cheaper

There is absolutely no denying that it’s cheaper to holiday in the UK. We’re lucky to have several lovely beach resorts and hot-spots no matter if you live up north or down south – so there is always somewhere within a couple of hours on the train, or a few hours in the car. No need for planes here!

Taking your holiday in the UK means you don’t need to worry about spending all those extra costs too – such as airport parking, a dog-sitter for the pets, airport transfers, and even things like medication, immunisations, complex insurance and phrase books. Missing out all those things alone, might save you anywhere from £100 – £400, which is a hefty sum! Especially if you’re on a budget in the first place.

2.     No jet-lag

When you’re holidaying in the UK, you’re staying in the same time zone, so you don’t need to worry about jet lag at all. This means you can make the most of your holiday and truly relax. A lot of people find that they often miss out on the first few days of their holiday if they head away to somewhere long-haul, because they’re too exhausted to get out and enjoy their surroundings.  It can often take 2/3 days to adjust to a new time zone completely.

When you stay in the UK, you don’t need to worry about that – and you can begin enjoying your time off from the moment you arrive.

3.     Less stress and fuss

Ask any family what the most stressful thing about holidaying is – and they’ll no doubt say the airport and flying. If you have young children you spend the entire time worrying about them and praying they don’t cry in front of the other passengers – and with the older children it’s difficult to keep them entertained on those long flights.

Not to mention the nightmare of airports, check-ins and customs! It’s almost more stress than it’s worth, let’s be honest! A lot of people find that flying can cause stress during the days leading up to the flight too – which means it’s dragged out even longer.

When you holiday in the UK the most you have  to worry about is a long car ride, or a train ride – both of which are much more fuss-free than a flight.

4.     The variety of destinations

There are plenty of destinations in the UK, and it’s growing more and more every year as the demand rises. Down south in Devon and Cornwall you’ll find beautiful beaches to rival even that of Spain, Greece and France – and during the summer the weather could easily match up too!

But it’s not all about beaches – for incredible city breaks you have London (of course!) and Edinburgh, Glasgow , York… it goes on! Our cities in the UK are fantastic for shopping, relaxing, and even education too! You can’t help but learn a thing or too from all the incredible museums we boast.

Last but not least, on the old variety list, we have the stunning countryside of Yorkshire and Scotland. For rolling hills, moors and mountains – you’ll struggle to find anywhere quite so breathtaking.

5.     No roaming charges on your phone!

We’ve all been abroad, had a fantastic time, and then been greeted by a huge phone bill on our return (if you haven’t, then trust us when we say – you’re one of the lucky ones!).

But when you holiday in the UK, this isn’t an issue at all anymore. And whilst many might think it’s bizarre to opt for a holiday destination just because you can stay connected – for many people this is a big priority. Maybe you still need to occasionally check in with work? Perhaps you’re waiting on news?

Whatever the reason, you can still enjoy using your phone, without worrying you’re spending huge amounts and going over your contract allowances. It also, of course, means you can keep friends updated by Pintrest and Facebook without it costing you a fortune in the meantime.


  1. thank you for a really nice break at Nidd Hall last week. I would like to thank in particular Julia in the concierge reception and her manager Kirsty for sorting out our room for us (Wharfdale Suite) also Cristina and Maria our two waitresses. I do not know who the bedroom attendant was, but she did a fine job as well. Thank you once again.
    Mr. & Mrs..Shaffron

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