Warner think Team members make all the difference

All 13 Warner locations are different and unique in their own way. There is one thing that remains the same wherever you go and that is the warm and friendly Team. It is really touching to see the amount of “Thank You” letters and cards we get each week.

My name is Hannah and I work in the Marketing Team. I think it’s important to share all the little things that go on behind the scenes to make Warner Leisure Hotels tick. I enjoy reading comments and always share them with the Team here; so please feel free to leave one by clicking at the bottom of any post I make. Just hit “leave a reply”.

Was there a time a Team member made a real difference to your holiday? We hope that when you walk through the door you get chatting to one of our friendly Team members and start planning everything you want to fit into your stay. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re on first name basis by the end of your stay.

Everyone from our Head Gardeners to our Entertainment Team really want to make your stay with us special, so if there is anything they can do we hope you feel comfortable to ask. Maybe it’s understanding a little more about the plants in the Grounds or asking questions you’ve always wanted to know which plants are best for your garden at different types of year. That’s why we do our “Gardening Tours” at all Warner’s to give you the opportunity to ask.

We also run “Food Masterclasses” with our Head Chefs which give you step-by-step recipes so you can impress your friends and family with a delicious meal. Have you seen one of our online videos yet? 


When you arrive at a Warner you’ll meet a smiling face who will help check you in and find your way to your room. You’ll then get served by the same waiter or waitress each day of your holiday- we think it’s great when they know which toast you like to order in the morning and which is your favourite tipple or the wine you like to drink in the evening. It makes a real difference when you feel you can talk to the Team members and ask any questions or for anything you need to enjoy your holiday and treat yourself. A great example of this is in the evening where you can request dishes from the Kitchen. If you have specific dietary requirements it is always good to let the person taking your booking know as often our Head Chefs will accommodate. Our Chefs are always making changes to our menu and using fresh local produce which we hope you’ll enjoy.


In the daytime you might spend time talking to one of our activity instructors who will give you top tips in Archery, Rifle-Shooting and much more. Or perhaps one of our Entertainment Team members will partner you in “Do you Warner Dance?” which are fun dance workshops and teach you a few moves. They are more than happy to help and take genuine pride in what they do.

Would you say this video summaries our Team well?



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