The iPad and grandchildren debate

I read an interesting article about iPads keeping grandparents closer to their grandchildren, even if they are a long drive away. Sometimes it can be hard seeing the grandchildren as often as we’d like to. But with iPads you can use an app tor ead them a bedtime story, play games and all you need is the internet connection and of course the iPad.

The article said:

“Parents are the world’s busiest people. Carving out 15 minutes to read a bedtime story or play a game  is not easy. But, grandparents have what parents do not: time and patience. And now, thanks to the Internet, they’ve got proximity, even if the children are a continent away. UStyme, launched by a grandma, is a free video call app for iPad that lets grandparents and kids have a video chat while engaging in a variety of activities together, like reading a book or playing a board game. The storybooks include some classics like Goldilocks, some original content, and some familiar kids’ games like Checkers and Four in a Row. Once the app is downloaded and installed on the iPad, one person initiates the video call, and then decides which activity to do together. A few sample games are included and the company plans to charge a fee for new content. The app is a bit simplistic and no frills and the video can be a little slow. The creator, Linda Salesky, a grandma with a geographically removed grandchild, designed the app when she realized that just chatting with a young grandchild is not a particularly satisfying endeavour because they’re so easily distracted. The games and the books serve as conversation starters and allow chat to happen.”

Read the full article which I quoted from here

Corton internet and experience games room

I think this is really interesting and is a great example of technology bringing people together. What do you think?

Warner Leisure Hotels have launched their new iPad experience which lets you discover all about a Warner holiday. If you’ve never been before it gives you a virtual tour of our 13 locations. If you’ve had a holiday with Warner before you can explore more about rooms, dining and much more. The experience was designed to make sure you get the best out of a Warner holiday and learn about everything that is on offer- so you don’t miss out on things you’d like to try! Why not check it out here: and don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad you can still access it online on your computer or laptop.



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