Alvaston Hall Hotel – an incredible work in progress

Last week a few Team Members from the Marketing Team went to Alvaston. We were so delighted to see the changes made and thought the atmosphere was simply electric. With so many people dancing, enjoying their delicious meals and generally having a brilliant holiday.

We have been really busy making some exciting redevelopments and of course making preparations for the new Hotel which will be ready in July 2014. Get ready for more luxurious bedrooms, new beautifully landscaped gardens and improved parking facilities, all of which we’ll be unveiling at the beginning of 2014.

After most of the work is complete we’ll then start on our landscaping project, starting at the back of the hotel we will be fully landscaping with plants, ponds and features for you to explore and enjoy. We know how our guests love a walk and a stroll around the grounds.

We are really excited that we will be getting more bedrooms at Alvaston adding 113 new bedrooms to our lovely hotel. This development also includes adding back in those beautiful Fairway Royale and Signature rooms we know you love to stay in. For the inquisitive we’ll have peep holes in the screens so you can see what we are up to! I also took a few photos of the work in progress, what do you think?

IMG01076-20131213-1207 IMG01050-20131213-1150



  1. Over the last few weeks I have sent three Emails concerning Alvaston Hall and its accommodation, these were complaints, todate I have not received any acknowledgement of receipt. Is cutomer care just an empty phrase?

    • Hello,
      Please do let me know which e-mail address you have been sending these to. As a comment on the blog I sadly cannot track your booking and would not reply to your holiday problems in a public forum as it will have personal details which you may choose not to share online. We work on a “ticket” system so as soon as you e-mail you should receive an automated response explaining when exactly one of our friendly team.

      Please do e-mail them today and someone will be in touch. Alternatively you can call them on 0970 601 0053

      Thanks, Hannah

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