Nidd Hall Hotel Team plan to climb Mount Olympus for charity!

The Royal British Legion has been voted by our Team as our chosen Charity of The Year fro 2014. Since January we have already raised £44k from guest donations and Team fundraising. Read more to find out how the excellent Team at Nidd Hall Hotel, Harrogate plan to raise their funds for such a worthwhile charity.

At 29,029 feet above the sea level, Mt Everest is not only the highest peak in the world; it is also the ultimate symbol of challenge and achievement. To climb Mt Everest looks seemingly impossible task at hand. And to be atop the Everest is to experience that unique top of the world feeling.

Everyone knows that the first people to climb Mt Everest were, Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing norgay.  But not everyone knows that it wasn’t their first shot at scaling the world’s highest peak.

The story goes that after many failed attempts Hillary found himself back at the base camp, wondering if he could ever make it. And then suddenly, he stepped out into the Sun and, looking up at Mt. Everest, he screamed, I will come again and conquer you! Because as a mountain you can’t grow but as a human I can. Rest is history.

May be Hillary wasn’t really screaming at Mt. Everest, perhaps he was just sending out a message to the world at large. A reminder that we can all keep getting better, we can all keep growing and we can all over overcome life’s challenges & climb all those mountains we set our sight on.

Rob Jenkins, The General Manager and his Team at the Nidd Hall have a challenge as high as Mt. Everest. Our mission to Mt Olympus is on 16th June 2014, Mt Olympus is 9570 ft, and one of the highest mountains in Europe, the purpose is to collect funds for The Royal British Legion. We require your help to help The Royal British Legion. Whatever you offer would be grateful since we are all warm hearted Team members.


So when you’re not at Nidd Hall why not speak to them about it and pop a donation in the box? Of course, you can still donate online. Find out more here

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