It’s National Desserts Day…..Hurrah!

Here at Warner there’s nothing we like better to round of our dinner than a scrumptious dessert! Toffee pudding, roly polys and souffle’s….we love them all!

In celebration of National Desserts Day (any excuse!) we want to give you all a sneak peek into our fantastic new desserts menu that will offer not one, not two, not even three….but a whopping 15 desserts EVERY evening! Oh we do spoil you!

Tempting Treats will offer a mixture of hot and cold dishes with everything from exciting new desserts like the Belgian chocolate and caramel bomb….designed to tickle the taste buds to our old favourite the humble crumble….

Fancy trying something new?! How about a peanut butter cheesecake or even a rather boozy chocolate and Pernod terrine? Yet for those with less of a sweet tooth…never fear the trusty cheeseboard is still on the menu!

Looking forward to hearing what you all think!

Tempting Treats

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