Top 10 Gardening Tips for Autumn

We’d like to introduce you to Sue-Marie, our new Head of Grounds & Maintenance at Bodelwyddan Castle. Sue-Marie joined the Warner team just 6 weeks ago and has already made a big impression by introducing some all year round colour to the T.H Mawson four seasons garden originally built in 1910!

Sue-Marie has worked in the horticultural industry for 19 years on a range of large private estates and historic house gardens.


Sue-Marie mentions that “In the short time I have been here, I walk around the castle site and it never ceases to amaze me how exciting and beautiful a day at this office can be.”


We are extremely pleased to have Sue-Marie on board and as a treat for our blog subscribers she shares with us her top 10 gardening tips for Autumn!

Top Ten Autumn Tips

  1. Get the best from your Winter bedding containers by including fresh compost and plenty of slow release fertilizer.
  2. Include as many colours and foliage textures as you like to your pots and baskets so even when the weather is grim you’ll still have some colour.
  3. Collect those pesky leaves and pop in a loin bag, leave for the Winter, by Spring you will have some rich leaves to add to your borders.
  4. Sit back and enjoy some Autumn sunshine with its blaze of rich Brown, Reds and Yellows in our Autumn garden.
  5. Scarify the lawns to prevent thatch build up.
  6. Plant bulbs for Spring colour now but if your garden is susceptible to squirrels then roll your bulbs in chilli powder before planting as it masks the smell of the fresh bulbs which are tasty treats to them
  7. Sterilize and clean your bird feeders before putting out with lush treats for the little garden beauties.
  8. Bring in tender plants such as Dahlia, and Begonias. If they require storage over Winter then remove soil and dust with Sulphur powder and for extra cut fungal properties pop them in vermiculite.
  9. Clean all Summer baskets, pots etc. With outdoor disinfectant. Wash your greenhouse windows. Nooks and crannies too. Helpful hint to get rid of the Green algae between paynes of glass soak with disinfectant and scrap the algae with a plastic plant label for a clean finish every time.
  10. Sit down after you’ve completed 1-9 and just enjoy the garden in its splendour.

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